Bear in the sand
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The Abrams Squad team make the fifth Special issue with ten stunning articles of models in 1/35 scale: about the Russian Armour used in Syrian and Libyan current conflicts. A collection of tanks, artillery, IFV and recovery tanks:

T-72 URAL – Martin Covacs
GAZ-69M –  Ken Abrams
BMP-1 – Lukasz Orzcyc-Musialek
2SU-23-4 Shilka – Chris Jerrett
T-55 w/KMT5 – Zack Sex
T-72M1 – Chris Jerrett
D-74 122mm – Anthony Guarderas
VT-55 Recovery Tank – Nacho Inigo
T-62 Diorama – Pere Pla
2S3 Akatsiya – Volker Bembennek

A complete guide of articles with “how to build” and “how to paint” tips for the most used vehicles by the many forces that fight in Middle East. A book full of inspiration for all types of modellers, from beginners to advanced.The book also have some articles about how to reproduce and paint many details, complements, figures, etc to set your vehicles in a scene or diorama. You can’t miss the amazing diorama of Mr. Bembennek, a total joy.

132 pages


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Tömeg 800 g
Méretek 300 × 210 × 6 mm

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